¡Consulta los Proyectos Seleccionados para las Actividades de Industria!


  • No Visible Trauma – Lost Time Media, Canadá, EUA
  • SUSI, an elephant in the room – Camille Zonca, España
  • Sex Buyer – Day for Night Productions, Francia, Luxemburgo
  • Anokua, the guardians of balance – Small Bang, Francia


  • Stories from the Frontline – Jacqueline Filmes, Brasil
  • The voice of god – Corisco Filmes, Brasil
  • Celluloid Nymphs –Perro Rojo, Smiz and Pixel Colòmbia, México
  • New Old Man – In audiovisuales, Perú


  • Astrid – Avisualconcept, Spain
  • Blazing the Trail – Nephilim Producciones, House of Red & White, España, Países Bajos
  • Cane disease – Batabat, España, República Dominicana
  • Cholitas – Arena Comunicación, España
  • City of the dead – Mosaic Producciones, España
  • Fernando Rios Palacio. Tangos – Alberto Bougleux, España
  • GAZE – Polisemia Pictures, Uruguay
  • I was not born a mistake – 2team video productions, Israel
  • INTO THE BANK  – Film and Tell, Suecia
  • La Mami – Cacerola Films, Gadea Productions, Mexico, España
  • Land of milk and honey – Zerkalo Films, España
  • Letters Through the Wall – Trueday Films, Xas Films, España
  • Linda -Mamma Team Productions, España
  • Lobster Soup  -SUICAfilms, España
  • Magaluf Ghost Town -Boogaloo Films, España
  • My brother Ali – Pumpernickel films, España
  • Newtopia – Upnorth Film Orkaganger AS, GonzoDocs AS, Noruega
  • No Women no Revolution  – Doppelplusultra, Alemania
  • Saudade – Pixbee and Hy Brazil, Portugal, Brasil
  • Scrap -H2L Productions, Canada
  • Seeking Utopia – Magnetic North Collective, Alemania, España
  • Sex Educator – BWP, España
  • Sitronen – One Film Production, Finlandia
  • Tales from the Prison Cell – Proton Cinema, Hungría
  • The end of our war – Septima Films, Colombia
  • The End of the Valley of Tears -Before My Eyes, Polonia
  • The fire kid – Nanouk Films, España
  • The Freedom Theatre – Alto Andes, Chile
  • The Wait – Imaginaria Films, Cine Cinco, Lulo Films, Colombia
  • Trance – Nanouk Films, España
  • Trimmigrants – Río Azul Films, Argentina, Mejico
  • Vibrato -Day for Night Productions, Francia
  • Wars, Lies and Videotape – Inselfilm, MADE, Perfect Splice, UK, Alemania, Finlandia
  • What shall we do with a drunken sailor – Shakazulu films, Eslovaquia
  • Wishing on a star – Videomante, Mischief Films, Kerekes Films, Artcam Films, Italia, Austria, República Checa, República Eslovaca


  • Scrap -H2L Productions, Canada
  • Cholitas – Arena Comunicación, España
  • INTO THE BANK  – Film and Tell, Suecia
  • My brother Ali – Pumpernickel films, España
  • Vibrato -Day for Night Productions, Francia
04/04/2018 Festival