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Popathon – InterDocs Hack Jam

Intensive workshop to create web documentary prototypes in small multidisciplinary teams.
Organized by Popathon and InterDocsBarcelona.


We invite documentary filmmakers, journalists, technologists and designers to push the boundaries of digital storytelling by embracing the capability of the web. For 24 hours you’ll team up to brainstorm ideas, create open-source projects and demo prototypes of your own web-native stories.

Curious what’s possible in 24 hours? Explore projects hacked at previous editions here.


Visual storytelling has been with us since the beginning of time. Through the ages the way we tell stories has changed along with the evolution of the media we use to express ourselves. The capability of the web enables stories to be interactive, dynamic and participatory, allowing for engaging experiences around them. While this is hugely exciting, we believe a language of web-native storytelling is still developing and want to help that process along by hands-on experimentation.


During the hack jam teams compete against the clock, not against each other. By sharing ideas at an early stage, teams help each other to tackle challenges in the creative process. We encourage bringing ideas and content for projects you have in mind or in production. After the final sprint all prototypes are presented in a live demo and all the source code powering the projects will be made available open source for others to study and build on beyond the event.

Note: This year the sign up process is team based. Participants can sign up as teams of 3 to 6 people with at least one designer and one technologist. You can also sign up individually and we will do our best to match you with amazing team members based on your profile. We can’t guarantee that we’ll match all individual profiles so finding yourself a diverse team in advance will increase your changes for participation.


The winners will receive:

– A Github Silver Plan (valued at 500€)

Klynt license ( valued at 500€). Sponsored by Honkytonk Films.

– Presentation of the project in the next edition of InterDocsBarcelona


Friday 27th (6pm to 10pm) and Saturday 28th of May (9:30am to 22pm) – Sala Raval CCCB  (c/Montalegre, 5 Barcelona)


Sold out.

 The winner of the Best Prototype of Webdocs Popathon InterDocsBarcelona 2016 has been“Geo Emotions” by Jimena Tormo, Jessica Peña, Jordie Montevecchi, Berto Yáñez and James Santos. 


The following projects have participated in the second edition of Hack Jam Barcelona:

– Geo Emotions – The Best Prototype of Webdocs 2016
Meta happiness
First Memories
Face the Crisis 


Estandar: Digital Storyteller,Technologist &Designer 22,00€
Student 10,00€

Introduce discount  code “barcelonastudents”. 


Lucia Dubacova’s mission is to positively influence people’s lives through new interactions with each other and their environment. She holds an MA degree in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship grom Goldsmiths College London. Lucia specialises in Creative production and design of experiential events and festivals across Europe such as Glastonbury, Bestival and the Secret Garden Party. She currently explores how digital fabrication, 3D modelling and recording can aid the design of interactive experiences.

Joscha Jäger is an Filmic  Interface Designer
and creator of the Frametrail
He works on web-based hypervideo technology, open source film concepts and semantic video search interfaces. Joscha has a strong focus on film as information architecture, collaborative editing systems for non-linear film and user-driven annotation systems.
Gilles Pradeau explores participatory documentary focusing on democratic innovations and public spendings in Europe. The first chapter of Learning to count uses a 360º camera to record teenagers negociating the budget for their highschool. Before making his own films, Gilles provided consultancy and workshops for public engagement and worked in Paris for a mobile film festival.

César Vallejo is creative director of RTVE.es. Work on creating targeted both formats on the Internet as a conventional television. He is an expert in interaction narrative and was part of the team developing the Lab RTVE.es in one of the first interactive documentaries in Spain.
Philo van Kemenade is a creative technologist combining computational design with new media narrative. His background in Artificial Intelligence and passion for filmmaking got him interested in the potential of the web as a platform for interactive storytelling. He believes we are currently lacking an interactive storytelling language that fits the nature of the web and sees hands-on experimentation as the way forward.

A Navalla Suíza is a web communications company created in 2008 in Santiago de Compostela specialized in the development of web applications, online communities and interactive video. A big part of their work is focussed on the audiovisual sector, creating distribution platforms (Flocos.TV, Lugar do Real, Screenly) as well as experimenting with new narratives linked to audiovisual interactivity (Eufalo.TV, Young People in front of Climate Change, Cromosoma Cinco, 3Clic). In 2010 they won the MIPTV’s contest Content 360º in the category “Next Generation Online Video Experience”, and they have collaborated with the National Film Board of Canada and the Mozilla Foundation in the development of video editing tools in HTML5 such as Popcorn.js.
María Yáñez is Director of Contents and Berto Yáñez is the Coordinator and Web Developer.

Below, as a little taster, we’ve posted these links to video synopses of Popathon’s first edition, considered one of the best by the organizers due to the high quality of the prototypes presented.

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The following projects have participated in the lasts editions of Hack Jam Barcelona:


– Paraules de Barcelona ( Best Prototype of Webdocs Popathon 2015)
– Freelanceland
 What’s up Barcelona
– Y tú ¿por qué pitas?
– Being Lost


– Stereotypecelona ( Best Prototype of Webdocs Popathon 2014)
– War and Peace in Barcelona
Can Vies
– BCN Says

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