DocsBarcelona Industry Activities constitute a financing and distribution market for documentary industry and a meeting point for professionals from all over the world.

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It is the perfect place to promote and finance your project to potential financiers and film distributors.


DocsBarcelona is the only Spanish festival of documentaries that combines the exhibition of films with professional activities. This combination makes DocsBarcelona a unique event that gives professionals the opportunity to attend a first-class festival and the directors and team of the programmed films have the chance to participate in professional activities.

DocsBarcelona is a profitable investment for producers: the 60% of the projects submitted to the Industry Activities are finished and the 20% are now in production.

In 2015 DocsBarcelona received 153 projects from 42 countries and 51 projects from 27 countries were selected to attend the different Industry Activities.

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Speed Meetings are DocsBarcelona main Industry Activity: 40 selected projects are selected to have one to one meetings of 15 minutes with financers.

In 2015 34 financers from 18 countries attended and 572 meetings took place. The meetings are previously arranged depending on the financers preferences.


Interactive Pitch and Latin Pitch: during the festival take place presentations of interactive and Latinamerican projects respectively, in front of a selection of financers and DocsBarcelona accredited professionals.



Rough Cut Screenings: 3 documentaries at rough cut stage will be presented privately to a selected group of experts who will carry out an assessment and act as consultants. The goal is to generate creative and constructive discussions that will favour the films’ entry into the international market.


DocsBarcelona organizes Conferences, Panels and Master Classes addressed at accredited professionals to get information on finance sources and current programming needs.

The key characters of the current documentary scene talk about their experiences and face the audience questions.

IMG_6618International tutors with experience in the documentary production and financing field give workshops to the accredited professionals.
Development Workshop: For all the directors and producers with a project in development.
Documentary Workshop and Pitch Training: For all filmmakers and producers with a project selected for the Speed Meetings and the Latin Pitch to fine tune their projects and pitching skills to have the best opportunity for a successful meeting with broadcasters and funders, and improve the chances of financing their documentary.

docs28-57Networking: DocsBarcelona has meeting spaces in order to make new contacts and establish relationships with other industry professionals. Coffee breaks, lunch and After Pitch meetings.

The Professional Accreditation is the opportunity to get access to networking and industry activities of DocsBarcelona. The registration of professional accreditation will open during January 2016.

DocsBarcelona gathers each year more than 600 professionals from 40 countries, among them commissioning editors, producers, filmmakers, film funds, distributors, sales agents, festivals, markets and cultural agents.