• DocsBarcelona TV3 Award for Best Documentary, with a cash prize of 5.000€. Awarded by DocsBarcelona Jury.
  • New Talent Award to best film of the newcomer directors. Awarded by DocsBarcelona Jury.
  • DocsBarcelona Latitud Award to the best film of Latitud DocsBarcelona section. Awarded by DocsBarcelona Jury, it consists in 3000€ worth of completion work (conformation, graphics, color correction and final deliveries) for the director’s next film. Sponsored by Antaviana Films.
  • Amnesty International Catalunya Award for DocsBarcelona. Awarded by the Amnesty International Catalunya Jury.
  • Audience Award to best film of the Oficial Section and the Latitud DocsBarcelona section. Awarded by the audience.
  • DOC-U Award to best film of this section. Awarded by the DOC-U Jury, it consists in a week of rental of shooting equipment valued in 1000€. Sponsored by Ovide.
  • Docs&Teens Award to best film of this section. Awarded by the audience.

Other Awards:

  • PRO-DOCS Award to Best Catalan TV Documentary 2015. Awarded by ProDocs.
  • Award to Best Prototype of Webdocs Popathon interDocsbarcelona 2016, consisting of one Klynt Pro annual license for each member of the winning team. Sponsored by Honkytonk Films.



Jordi Balló

Director of the Master in Creative Documentary at the Pompeu Fabra University. He received the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona award for his exhibition The Complete Letters. Filmed Correspondence.

Amaia Esparza

Head of communication at Médecins Sans Frontières in Spain. With a BA degree in Journalism and a Master in International Law and International Relations, she has specialized in the field of humanitarian action.

Anita Reher

Executive director of The Flaherty, the not-for-profit organization behind one of the world’s most important documentary film events: The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar.

José Sánchez Montes

Filmmaker, producer and cultural manager. He has directed the documentaries Tiempo de Leyenda (2009), Morente sueña la Alhambra (2005), Bola de Nieve (2003) and Al otro lado de la memoria (2004), all of them awarded in festivals around the world.


David Fernández

Journalist and audio-visual producer. Director of LANOVA Radio, Camp de Tarragona and the company Acid Factory.

Jordi Rovira

Freelance journalist. He has written feature pieces of a social nature in about thirty countries such as Kosovo, Iraq, Sierra Leone and Northern Ireland. He has codirected Joana Biarnés, una entre tots (2016).

Alba Sotorra

Filmmaker and producer. Through creative documentary she aims to encourage reflection about the world we live in.  With Game Over she has received a Gaudí award for Best Documentary.


Ona Anglada

Student of Audio-visual Communication and Humanities and an activist within the university group of Amnesty International.

Alba Herrera

She holds a BA in Audio-visual Communication and is head of activism at Amnesty International Catalunya.

Dani Vilaró

He holds a BA in Journalism and is head of communication at Amnesty International Catalunya.  He was part of the DocsBarcelona jury in 2014.



AWARDS & JURY | Edition 2016, Festival