Exhibition “Seguir con vida”

DOCSBARCELONA/DocsBarcelona 2016/FESTIVAL/Exhibition "Seguir con vida"

Exhibition “Seguir con vida”

This Médecins Sans Frontières exhibition tells the story of the refugees through a visually immersive 3D experience.

Médecins Sans Frontières presents #Seguirconvida, a traveling exhibition within the framework of DocsBarcelona. It is very difficult to put oneself into someone else’s shoes, especially those trying to survive an armed conflict. This is precisely the aim of the MSF’s exhibition #Seguirconvida: to bring the lives of the refugees closer to the audience through a unique immersive virtual reality experience.

Both the audience and the professionals attending DocsBarcelona will be able to get acquainted with the refugees’ conflict thanks to 360º videos, allowing them to witness the arrival of a refugee boat on the Greek coast or walk with them through Malakal camp.


#Seguirconvida offers an interactive space for a visually immersive 3D experience through sound and 360° videos. The exhibition also includes informative panels, videos and pictures to help understand the refugees’ struggle against their situation of conflict and violence.

The project #Seguirconvida will be explained at the InterdocsBarcelona conference as a case study about works that offer interactive experiences.


Location: Patí de les Dones at CCCB (c/Montalegre, 5 Barcelona)
Date: From Tuesday 24th to Friday 27th (both inclusive )
Time: 11: 00h am to 2: 30pm and 4: 00-8: 30pm

Free entry 


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Exhibition “Seguir con vida” | Edition 2016