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For the first time the DocsBarcelona market creates a unique financing space for the documentary series in development. In the Doc Series Forum, the selected projects will have the opportunity to meet with broadcasters and VOD Platforms who are active and interested in producing documentary projects in a series format.  The twenty-minute meetings will take place on May 28th and 29th.

Title: Children of Water
Director: Joy Penroz
Producer: Sylvain Grain
Raki Films
Country: Chile


Title: Draw for Change!
Directors: Vincent Coen & Guillaume Vandenberghe
Producers: Hanne Phlypo & Estelle Robin You & David Herdies & Femke Wolting & Sigrid Dyekjaer
Clin d’oeil films
Country: Belgium



Title: Health matters – one year inside a public health system
Directors: Vicent Peris & Claudia Reig
Producer: Àlex Badia & Dani Fabra
Barret, Coop. V.
Country: Spain


Title: Maravilla
Director: Javier Viqueira
Producer: Arleen Cruz & Rebca Noriega
Maravilla LLC
Country: Puerto Rico


Title: Honorable
Director: Isaki Lacuesta
Producer: Salvador Sunyer & Andrés Mellinas
Nanouk Films
Country: Spain


Title: Oversea
Director: Israel del Santo
Producers: Mercedes García-Nieto Escauriaza & Monica Hidalgo
M International Audiovisual
Country: Spain


Title: River of Life
Directors: Enric Bach & Xavier Aldekoa
Producers: Laura Collado & Enirc Bach
Producciones del Barrio & Muzungu Producciones Audiovisuales
Country: Spain


Title: The Delivery Line
Directors: Nance Ackerman & Ariel Nasr
Producers: Sergeo Kirby
Loaded Pictures
Country: Canada


Title: The Last Generation
Directors: Rune Andersen & Natalie Haft
Producers: Vincent Nguyen & Katia Pinzon
Padi Productions S.L. &Troy TV & Melt Motion
Country: Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark



Doc Series Forum | Edition 2020