• Honeyland, by Tamara Kotveska and Ljubomir Stefanov: DocsBarcelona TV3 Award for Best Documentary, with a cash prize of 5.000€ and a statuette. Awarded by DocsBarcelona Panorama Jury.
  • The Jury Special Mention to Chris the Swiss by Anja Kofmel
  • In search, by Beryl Magoko: New Talent Award to best film of the newcomer directors at Panorama Section. Awarded by DocsBarcelona Panorama Jury and consists of a statuette.
  • Cachada, by Marlén Viñayo: DocsBarcelona Latitud – Antaviana Award to the best film of Latitud DocsBarcelona section. Awarded by DocsBarcelona Latitud Jury, it consists of a 5.000€ worth of completion work (conformation, graphics, color correction and final deliveries) for the director’s next film and a statuette. Sponsored by Antaviana Films.
  • LAPÜ, by Juan Pablo Polanco and César Alejandro Jaimes: DocsBarcelona What The Doc! Award to the best film of What The Doc! section. Awarded by DocsBarcelona What The Doc! Jury and consists of a statuette.
  • Me llamo Violeta, by Marc Parramón and David Fernández de Castro: Amnesty International Catalunya Award for DocsBarcelona. This award is applicable to any of the films (except DOC-U Section and Docs&Teens) with a theme or topic that defends the rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the freedom of speech and the values shared by International Amnesty, and it also shows a remarkable use of cinematographic elements in the fight to transform reality. Awarded by the Amnesty International Catalunya Jury.
  • Me llamo Violeta, by Marc Parramón and David Fernández de Castro: Audience Award DocsBarcelona – Moritz to best film of the Oficial Sections (Panorama, Latitud and What The Doc!). Sponsored by Moritz, consists of an economic amount of € 1.5o0 and a statuette. Awarded by the audience.
  • Desde una cicatriz, by Uma Ferrer, Lucía García, Judith Guasch and Blanca Gutiérrez: DOC-U Award to best film of this section. Awarded by the DOC-U Jury, it consists of 1.000€ worth of rental for shooting equipment. Sponsored by 16nou.
  • Un home millor, d’Attiya Khan and Lawrence Jackman: Docs&Teens Award: Award to best film in this section awarded by the audience.
  • Push de Fredrik Gertten: Young Jury Reteena Award: Award to the best film of the Reteena Itinerary, awarded by young jury Reteena, made up of young people between 16 and 21 years old. The prize is a statuette.

Other Awards:

  • Petitet de Carles Bosch: DocsBarcelona of the Month Award. Granted by the audience attending the screenings of DocsBarcelona of the Month in 2018 and consists of a statuette.
  • Lladres de Temps de Cosima Dannoritzer: PRO-DOCS Award to Best Catalan TV Documentary 2018. Awarded by ProDocs.



Jury DocsBarcelona Panorama

Montse Armengou

Montse Armengou is a distinguished Spanish journalist and investigation documentary filmmaker. She has worked at Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) since 1985. She is the co-director, with Ricard Belis of Els nens perduts del franquisme (2002), Les fosses del silenci (2003), Avi, et trauré d’aquí (2013) and Els internats de la por (2015) among others. Armengou’s documentaries have received numerous awards, have been published in book form and have become a resource for human rights agencies and activists. Since 2018, she is the dirtector of the ‘Sense Ficció’ TV progeram at TV3.

Carolina Astudillo

A documentary filmmaker, researcher and teacher. Her first feature film, El gran vuelo  (2014) has been screened in various festivals, exhibitions and universities. She was awarded the Biznaga de Plata for Best Documentary at the Festival de Málaga (2015); Feroz Puerta Oscura Award for Best Documentary Her second feature film, Ainhoa, that’s not me (2018) won for the second time the Biznaga de Plata for Best Documentary at Festival de Málaga, the Grand Jury Prize at Escales Documentaires (2018); Best Sound Award and Special Jury Award at DocumentaMadrid (2018).

Marko Daniel

Marko Daniel has a degree in Art History and Philosophy from University College London (1988), a PhD in the History and Theory of Art from the University of Essex (1999), and is a specialist in contemporary Chinese and Catalan art. Daniel developed his teaching career at Southampton, Taiwan, London and Barcelona. In 2006, Daniel joined Tate Modern, London, as a curator of public programmes. Since 2011, he has held the position of head of public programmes. Since January, 2018, he is the Director of Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona.

 Denis Delestrac

Multi-award winning director, writer and producer. He is best known for creating feature documentaries on highly topical subjects such as: Pax Americana (2010), Sand Wars (2013), Freightened (2016) and Captain’s Dream (2018) which have earned him critical appraisal and recognition. He has won over forty international awards among which we can find a Gold Panda, two Greenpeace Prizes and a Canadian academy’s Gemini Award. His next theatrical films include The Shadow of Gold (Feb 2019) and ONE (Jan 2020), for which he teamed up again with McCurry.


Jury DocsBarcelona Latitud

 Josep Maria Aragonès

In the mid-80s he began his pioneering work in the field of digital effects for cinema and advertising. Alongside Maria Rosa Fusté, he has created a few benchmark post-production companies and his current project, Antaviana Films. Throughout his career with over 300 films, he has received numerous nominations and awards such as the Goya for the special effects of Buñuel y la mesa del Rey Salomón by Carlos Saura, and the Gaudí for the digital effects of Eskalofrío, Viaje Mágico a África and Tadeo Jones.

Montse Majench

She received her BA in Information Sciences and Journalism by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 1985. She started working as a reporter at the Catalan circuit of TVE-Sant Cugat. She was part of the EADC team within the Department of Culture and the first National Council of Culture and the Arts. In her role as director of the Catalan Film Academy (2011-2017) she organized 6 editions of the Gaudí Awards and promoted Catalan cinema. Currently, she is vice president of the association Dones Visuals.

Alejandro Morales

Art and editing coordinator, programmer and member of the Selection Committee of Docs in Progress for DocsMX, the Mexico City’s International Documentary Film Festival (2011-2019), and DocsValència Espai de No Ficció, the Valencia’s International Documentary Film Festival (2016-2019). Head of the Artistic Direction of the Fes! Film Festival, an educational and cinematographic project for human rights located at Barcelona, since 2017.



Jury DocsBarcelona What the Doc

Diana Toucedo

Filmmaker and editor based in Barcelona, ​​studied at ESCAC and UPF. After directing several short films, she released her first feature film Trinta Lumes at the Berlinale Panorama 2018, while developing her second project, Puerto Deseado. In recent years, she has been combining her work as a film director and editor, with her work as a lecturer at ESCAC, UPF / BSM and the UAB. She is currently the head of the Documentary / Non-fiction department at ESCAC.



Jury Amnistia Internacional de Catalunya

Rocío Bermúdez

Graduated in Business Sciences (IQS) with a master in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce (EAE) and in direction at Business Communication (EADA). With more than 20 years of experience in the field of communication, marketing and fundraising in cultural entities and NGOs, she is an expert in the management of integral projects of social marketing, fundraising and advertising. She is currently responsible for Direct Dialogue and raising funds from International Amnesty Spain.

Adriana Ribas

International Amnesty of Catalonia Coordinator, she promotes the organization’s actions to denounce  violations of the human rights and achieve the maximum impact, both in Catalonia and at an international level. She is responsible for directing the management of the daily organization and integrating all its areas, teams and groups to promote actions.

 Andrea Sánchez

Degree in Geography and History (UAB), a postgraduate course specialized in a foreign language (English) by the UB and a Master’s Degree in lifelong learning (UB). She has dedicated her entire professional life to basic adult education. She was the director of the Adult’s School of Sant Cugat del Vallès. She is currently responsible for the Sant Cugat-Cerdanyola Group’s activism in International Amnesty.



Jury DocsBarcelona Doc-U

Víctor Alonso-Berbel

Writer and director, Film Production graduate from the University of Southern California and member of the European Film Academy, he works between Barcelona and Los Angeles. He directed The Brave Class (2016), a feature documentary that premiered at DocsBarcelona and was a Best Documentary nominee at the Catalan Film Academy Awards, and his latest sci-fi short film Perfectly Natural (2018) was honored by the Directors Guild of America. He’s currently developing his first narrative TV series for Mediapro.

Anna Petrus

Filmmaker, critic, and lecturer. Her film work has been selected and / or awarded at renowned festivals such as the Festival des Films du Monde in  Montréal, Sitges International Film Festival, Ficixix, Zinebi, Abycine, Filmets, the London Spanish Film Festival, among many others. She was worked as a film critic for papers and specialized media such as La Vanguardia and Dirigido Por, and she’s a film lecturer at the International University of Catalonia. She is a member of the directors’ board of Dones Visuals, the association of female filmmakers in Catalonia.

 Marta Vilanova

She holds a BA in Advertising and Public Relations and a degree in Tourism. She works as communications and project coordinator in areas of culture, the third sector and tourism at “Slowme, artisan and sustainable communication”, the agency she co-founded in 2017. Previously, for 10 years, she worked in Communication departments for different agencies, companies and non-profit organizations. Since its first edition in 2013, she’s been a member of the organization of Festival Protesta, an International Film Festival dedicated to social cinema.



Young Jury Reteena

Christian Medrano

21 years old, @christiannnn97. I study Audio-visual Media at Tecnocampus in Mataró and I am a suspense and documentary cinema geek. I spend more hours than the day has listening to music and from time to time I write and produce short films. I aspire to become at some point not only jury, but also a candidate.

Maria Martín

20 years old. Student of Audio-visual Communication at the UPF. I love watching and listening to life in general. We all feel and we all have something to say. I believe that art is the most important sign of identity of human beings and I am passionate about cinema, because I believe that it is the best way to capture and transmit the essence of the world.

Júlia Ruiz

19 years old, @uaccentuada. With a camera on my hands from a small age, I am passionate about photography and cinema. Even so, I think it’s impossible to isolate these disciplines from other humanities. That is why I study Audiovisual Communication at university and combine it with other classes about Philosophy and History of humanity. The documentary format brings me closer to parallel realities from new perspectives.

Borja López

18 years old, @elborjalopez. I am coursing my last year of High School, I am a great fan of cinema, television series, theatre, music and photography. My tastes range from fantasy sagas like The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, to movie classics, independent films and author films, among other genres. I dream of becoming a film director.

Gemma Prunés

My name is Gemma Prunés and I am 21 years old. I study Audio-visual Communication and Philosophy, but don’t take it into account. Don’t not ask me what I want to do when I finish uni neither. At the moment I know that everything that has to do with creativity and personal expression through art appeals me, and that speaking of cinema always makes me feel pedantic, but I like to watch them very much. Who doesn’t?