DocsBarcelona Online

Enjoy the festival at home!

DocsBarcelona is spread all over Spain with a distinguished selection of films from the festival via Filmin. From May 16th to June 15th, 5 films from the 2019 edition will be exclusively available to watch, in addition to several titles from previous editions of DocsBarcelona.

Afterwards, each month throughout the year, Filmin will hold the online premiere of the DocsBarcelona of the Month web.


These are the 6 films of the present edition that will be available via this platform:

Los Reyes by Iván Osnovikoff i Bettina Perut

In Search by Beryl Magoko

Push by Fredrik Gertten

What Whalaa Wants by Christy Garland

When Tomatoes met Wagner by Marianna Economou

Putin’s Witnesses by Vitaly Mansky


In addition, the following titles from previous editions of DocsBarcelona will also be available to watch:

Dolphin Man by Lefteris Charitos

Eugenio by Xavier Baig i Jordi Rovira

Silvana by Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring i Christina Tsiobanelis

Namrud (Troublemaker) by Fernando Romero-Forsthuber

Amazona by Clare Weiskopf

All Goverments Lie by Alfred Peabody

L’hora dels deures by Ludovic Vieuille

La Promesa by Karin Steinberger i Marcus Vetter

Angry Inuk by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril

Machines by Rahul Jain

El Meravellós Regne de Papa Alaev by Tal Barda i Noam Pinchas

A Good American by Friedrich Moser

Inside the Chinese Closet by Sophia Luvarà

Kandahar Journals by Louie Palu i Devin Gallagher

La Teoria Sueca de l’Amor by Erik Gandini

Niña Sombra by Maria Teresa Larraín

Síria: una història d’amor by Sean McAllister

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