Curious Reteenas

Young Jury Reteena of DocsBarcelona

A very special Jury composed by girls and boys between ages 16 and 21 that will be able to enjoy a unique experience, find out about groundbreaking  documentaries, meet professionals of the industry and train their critical capabilities in order to end up choosing the movie that will win the Award from the Young Jury Reteena DOCSBARCELONA 2019.



And what does being part of the Young Jury Reteena consists of? 

– Formative session: the 15th of May, the inauguration of this year’s festival, the Young Jury Reteena will gather with Tue Steen Müller, artistic director of the festival, founder of the European Documentary Network, international consultor of the documentaries and jury in numerous international cinema festivals. In this gathering the members of the Jury will learn the key to doing a good critical analysis of the movies in light of the final deliberation.

– Movie visioning: During the DocsBarcelona festival (from the 15th to the 25th of May) you will dispose of a special accreditation which will enable you to watch the 6 movies from the Reteena Itinerari.

– Deliberation session: The 23rd of May, the final deliberation session will take place, overviewed by the Festival Reteena’s Directors.

– Delivery of the Award during the Cloenda’s Gala: The 25th of May, during the closure of the DocsBarcelona Festival, the members of the Jury will deliver the award to the winner.

The Young Jury Reteena 2019 is composed by:


Young Jury Reteena

Christian Medrano

21 years old, @christiannnn97. I study Audio-visual Media at Tecnocampus in Mataró and I am a suspense and documentary cinema geek. I spend more hours than the day has listening to music and from time to time I write and produce short films. I aspire to become at some point not only jury, but also a candidate.

Maria Martín-Maestro

20 years old. Student of Audio-visual Communication at the UPF. I love watching and listening to life in general. We all feel and we all have something to say. I believe that art is the most important sign of identity of human beings and I am passionate about cinema, because I believe that it is the best way to capture and transmit the essence of the world.

Júlia Ruiz

19 years old, @uaccentuada. With a camera on my hands from a small age, I am passionate about photography and cinema. Even so, I think it’s impossible to isolate these disciplines from other humanities. That is why I study Audiovisual Communication at university and combine it with other classes about Philosophy and History of humanity. The documentary format brings me closer to parallel realities from new perspectives.

Borja López

18 years old, @elborjalopez. I am coursing my last year of High School, I am a great fan of cinema, television series, theatre, music and photography. My tastes range from fantasy sagas like The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, to movie classics, independent films and author films, among other genres. I dream of becoming a film director.

Gemma Prunés

My name is Gemma Prunés and I am 21 years old. I study Audio-visual Communication and Philosophy, but don’t take it into account. Don’t not ask me what I want to do when I finish uni neither. At the moment I know that everything that has to do with creativity and personal expression through art appeals me, and that speaking of cinema always makes me feel pedantic, but I like to watch them very much. Who doesn’t?

Curious Reteenas | Edition 2019