Outreach Workshop

Develop an outreach strategy for your film in just two days

Are you a director or producer of documentaries and you want to develop a convincing strategy to effectively reach audiences with your next film?

DocsBarcelona offers you the opportunity to maximize the potential of your project by participating in a high-level workshop on outreach strategy and impact distribution . The purpose of the workshop is to arrive at a concrete plan tailored to each selected film project. You can participate with a project in development or as an observer.


Aim is to develop outreach strategies around independently produced documentaries either in advanced production, post-production, or ready for release.

The workshop will be in English. It will be led by Ben Kempas (Film & Campaign, Scotland) . 3 projects will be selected.


Wednesday May 16th and Thursday May 17th from 9.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. at CCCB.



Day 1

Filmmaking between Art and Activism

Let’s bust the great myths around outreach and impact work

What are we going to work on?

Presentation of three pre-selected projects (with trailers), represented by two to three people (often director, producer, outreach person). Initial assignment of up to three observers to each project.

Myths and Mechanics of a Campaign

From the big vision to a concrete strategy: why are we doing this, who are we targeting, how are we talking to them, and how do we keep them engaged?

Group work: The Brilliant Brainstorming Break-out

Get crazy shaping the big plan! From an artistic concept to defining impact goals: let’s find, target and engage audiences and influencers.


Day 2

Small Steps to a Big Plan

Brief presentations of the previous day’s group work around the three titles of choice. Feedback and new ideas from the participants.

Group work: Strategies for Standing Out

Around the three projects, what are the best strategies for building partnerships and relationships, for producing additional content, for calls to action, or for making your events stand out?

Group work: The Devil in the Detail

Let’s get this campaign organised! Team building, scheduling, budgeting.

Perfect Pitches

Pitching your outreach campaign to potential partners just like you’d pitch your film to funders.

Don’t Drop the Ball!

The importance of continued development, recommendations for next steps, and participants’ feedback on the workshop.


Selected projects:


letters through the WALL
Director: Fon Cortitzo
Producers: Laura Collado and Alecandre Cancelo
Xas Films, Trueday Films


Miracle of Almeria
Director: Moon Blaisse
Writter: Moon Blaisse and Thomas Bellinck
Producers: Emmy Oost-Casssette
Co-producers: Katja Draaijer
Cassette for timescapes, Balder Film
Belgium, Netherlands


Thruth Detectives
Director: Anja Reiss
Producer: Brigitta Schübeler
Current Affairs



The registration deadline has been extended until  April 20th 2018

To register for the workshop you have to send an email with subject OUTREACH WORKSHOP + NAME OF THE PROJECT to registration@docsbarcelona.com.

In the email you must include the following information:

Written document: A presentation of the project  in PDF format with the following information:

  • Who is presenting the project
  • Synopsis and a short treatment of the project
  • Link to a sample (max 10 min) or a trailer
  • In which state is the production process
  • Explain why you think your project lends itself unusual marketing, creative audience engagement, promoting change, or other outreach activities.
  • General information:
    – Project Title
    – Name and Surname of the participant
    – Your task within the project
    – Production company and website (optional)
    – Country
    – Telephone number

Can I attend the Outreach Workshop if I don’t have any documentary project in development?

Yes you can, you can attend as an OBSERVER. To register for the workshop as an observer you have to send an email with subject OBSERVER Outreach Workshop + YOUR NAME AND SURNAME to: registration@docsbarcelona.com

In the email you must include the following information:

– Name and Surname
– Job title
– Production company and website (optional)
– Telephone number
– Why do you want to attend the Outreach workshop?


Ben Kempas, Documentary Campaign Strategist

Coming from a background in documentary cinematography and award-winning filmmaking, Ben has been focusing on developing and organising campaigns around films in recent years, also recognising how documentaries can influence public opinion and trigger social change.

Clients across Europe and North America hire Ben as strategic consultant or active outreach producer to identify and engage target audiences, create networks and partnerships, produce additional content, and build action-focused websites.

First as producer of marketing and distribution at the Scottish Documentary Institute and now with his new company Film & Campaign, Ben has worked on high-profile projects including I Am Breathing (global screening day), Future My Love (‘pay-it-forward’), Bugs (building BUGSfeed, a publishing platform about edible insects), and Moving Docs (a pan-European initiative for audience development).

Ben specialises in adapting NationBuilder campaigning software for outreach work around films like Time Trial, Awake – the Life of Yogananda, Seven Songs for a Long Life, Bikes vs Cars, and for organisations like Danish Documentary, Auto Images, Meridian Hill Pictures, Fathers Network Scotland, or Van Jones’ Magic Labs Media.

Ben is also known for serving 12 years as volunteer co-host of The D-Word, building a professional documentary community with 10,000 members.

He is a frequent consultant, speaker and tutor at film industry events across Europe.

More info: www.filmcampaign.org

The cost to participate at the OUTREACH Workshop is (PER PARTICIPANT):

Keep in mind a project should ideally have a team coming to the workshop, i.e. at least two people per project if not three (e.g. director, producer, outreach coordinator).

FEE (21% VAT included) **
*The fee is per participant. **FAQS

If you are part of an association of producers, the cost is:

FEE (21% VAT included) **
*The fee is per participant. **FAQS

The fee includes:

  • The working sessions with the tutor.
  • Coffee breaks and lunch from both workshop days.
  • Festival ticket season.
  • Access to Opening and Closing ceremonies (RSVP needed).

*Professional Accreditation not included.

ATTENTION: If you want to have access to the rest of industry and networking activities, you will need to register to the Professional Accreditation. 

Outreach Workshop