Interactive Pitch

Interactive Pitch: a financing and promotion platform for interactive and transmedia documentary projects

The Interactive Pitch consists on a presentation of 4 interactive projects in front a selection of financers, especially interested in this kind of projects, and DocsBarcelona accredited professionals. After the Interactive Pitch, one-on-one meetings are held between projects and financers based on the financers’ requests.

Pitch of “Yours In Sisterhood”, a project of Irene Lustig, at Interactive Pitch – DocsBarcelona 2017


Wednesday May 23rd from 12.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m at CCCB.


Anokua, the guardians of balance

Directors: Xavier Guymorac’h, Martin Bessin, Gaitana Valbuena, Alexandrine Stehelin

Producers: Pierre Cattan, Alexandrine Stehelin




No Visible Trauma

Directors: Marc Serpa, Robinder Uppal

Producers: Marc Serpa, Robinder Uppal, Geoff Morrisson

Lost Time Media

Canada, USA


Sex Buyer

Director: Sonia Delhaye

Producer: Jan Vasak

Day for Night Productions



SUSI, an elephant in the room

Director: Ana Luz Sanz

Producer: Albert Baquero



All the pitch presentations will be in English.

The panel of financers confirmed is:

  • Yvonne Abbel, ZDF Digital (Germany)
  • Zeina Abi Assy, Tribeca Film Institute (USA)
  • Teresa Gaspar, Canal 22 (Mexico)
  • Adam Gee, Little Dot Studios (UK)
  • Klara Grunning, Swedish Film Institute (Sweden)
  • Claudia Rodriguez, Preciosa Media  (Colombia)
  • Julia Scott Stevenson, Mcquire University (UK) – MODERATOR



Wednesday, May 23rd at CCCB.
The one-on-one meetings will take place on the same Wednesday, May 23rd.

All the pitch presentations will be in English.

The Interactive Pitch Workshop will take place as a training for the selected projects

Interactive Pitch participants will attend a training workshop to fine tune their projects and pitching skills so to have the best opportunity for a successful meeting with broadcasters and funders, and improve the chances of financing their documentary.

If your project is selected, the cost to participate at Interactive Pitch is:

FEE (21% VAT included*)
*The fee is per project, the maximum number of people allowed per project is 2.

The fee includes:

  • Participation at the Interactive Pitch.
  • One-on-one meetings with the panel of financers attending.
  • Participation at the Interactive Pitch Workshop.
  • Access as a viewer at the Public Pitch and the Latin Pitch.
  • Access to Master Classes, industry conferences and round tables.
  • Access to Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Festival (RSVP needed).
  • Access to the Festival screenings: one ticket per film.
  • Accest to the networking activities.
  • Industry Guide including all contacts from the festival participants.

Music Library Award

Music Library & SFX rewards with €600 cash one of the Interactive Pitch projects. Music Library & SFX offers 360 degrees music supervision services (Acorde) and exclusive quality music, for it’s syncronization in every kind of contents, adding them value without compromising it’s quality; all genres and styles, sfx sound and post-production sound services with the best rates and conditions: multiplatform core rights covered, worldwide and to always.


The winner project from the Music Library award has been “Sex Buyer” from Sonia Delhaye.

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