Meet DocsBarcelona’s “Curious Reteenas”

One more step to bring the documentary closer to younger audiences, with a free, pure and restless look.

Hand in hand with the team of the newly created film festival  Reteena (Festival audiovisual JOVEN de Barcelona), made and thought for and to teenagers, DocsBarcelona presents various actions aimed at this group:

  • 7 young programmers have created the Reteena Itinerary DocsBarcelona. A selection of 6 documentaries chosen from among all the festival’s programming and which they propose for an audience between 12 and 18 years old.
  • Reteena Seson Ticket at a price of € 18 young people up to 18 years old can watch 6 films of the festival. Already on sale here.
  • A group of 7 programmers become the #ReteenasInquietes so that, following the dynamics of the last two years with the group #Miradesinquietes, composed of men and women from the cultural and journalistic sector, they will comment on the contents of the festival on social networks in a free and independent way.


Have a look at the titles from the Reteena Itinerary: 

Namrud, troublemaker

Robar a Rodin

Hasta mañana, si Dios quiere


The distant barking of dogs

The White World According to Daliborek


Meet the young participants of this year’s edition. ¡They all are the “Reteenas Inquietas”!


Nuredduna Riera

18 years old. I love radio waves, television and food photography on Instagram (@nurenude). I’m currently studying Audiovisual Communication at Blanquerna University. I’m a freak for French comedy, late night shows and comedy tv and radio programmes.




Aina Martínez

18 years old, @borderlaina_. Passionate about cinema as a way of understanding the world. For me, documentaries are the ultimate expression of freedom and a perfect way of reclaiming stories.




Jordi Bernal

19 years old. Lost freak, westerns lover and cinema student at Bande School. In addition to music videos, short films and documentaries, I collect Playmobil figures and create stop motion animations with them (I sponsor figures! If anyone has any and don’t want them anymore, I take very good care of them. You can see that here: @clickberni)



Marc Pujol

19 years old, @marc_pujol_rios. Raised between music, theatre and cinema, now I study audiovisual media at ESCAC. It’s very hard for me to dislike a film, from the most mainstream cinema made in Marvel to great auteur treasures like The Great Beauty (which is my favourite film!). I love cinema, what can you do!



Aina Castellví

18 years old, @ainacl. I study Translation and Interpretation at UPF. Literature and French comedies lover. My favourite tv show is Plats Bruts, but I’ve watched every season of Friends, and I’m a Stranger Things unconditional fan. I was part of Festival Reteena’s 1st edition.



Eloi Román

16 years old, @eloiroman. I study 1st year of “Batxillerat”, and I am passionate about cinema and music from the 80s. I sing, play tennis, play the guitar, organise musicals and my dream is to become a film director.




Zoe Stein

17 years old, @_zoestein. I love theatre and auteur cinema about social subjects. As an spectator and as an actress, I think that visual art is a good way of thinking and encouraging change.




Ainara Elejalde

17 years old. I study artistic and humanistic Bachelor degree at Súnion and theatre at Nancy Tuñon School. I love music, I play the piano and I am passionate about cinema.




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