Master Class 7 SHOTS 7: Pawel Lozinski

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7 SHOTS 7: Pawel Lozinski

7 SHOTS 7 is DocsBarcelona’s annual proposal to a relevant figure in the audio-visual world. This year, on the occasion of the film release in Barcelona of the latest and controversial documentary by Pawel Lozinski You Have No Idea How Much I Love You, the Polish director will reflect on film language through 7 shots or sequences especially selected for the occasion.

Pawel Lozinski’s work stands out for his ability to go deep into the characters’ emotions and private lives. His work as assistant to Krzysztof Kieslowski in Three Colours: White has influenced his distinct way of dealing with controversial subjects with utter sensitivity.

Lozinski has made over 20 documentaries that have been internationally acclaimed. In 1992 he made his debut film Birthplace which won several awards around the world.

In 1999 he directed The Way It Is, a huge success because of its innovative way of communicating with the camera his relationship with the protagonists. Lozinski shows his friendship with his neighbors through the communal yard they all share. The film exemplifies his talent as a director of photography, a field in which he has also enjoyed a fruitful career.

In 2008 he made Chemo, a personal portrait about his fight with cancer, and his best known film. Lozinski’s work has widened the boundaries of documentary through the unusual act of placing the camera where it supposedly shouldn’t be.

WHEN AND WHERE: Friday 26 of May at 7:30 pm at Auditorium of CCCB

ATTENTION: Tickets are sold out. The language of the master class will be English. 
Master Class 7 SHOTS 7: Pawel Lozinski | Edition 2017, Festival