Woman and the Glacier


Kazakhstan. The Tian Shan mountains. The Tuiuksu glacier. And a Lithuanian scientist who’s been living at 3,500 metres of altitude for 30 years with no contact with the civilized world. A whole life dedicated to studying and capturing our planet’s evolution. Only a loyal, mischievous dog and a docile, playful cat for company.

The film director Audrius Stonys captures the vibration of an inhospitable environment with images that hold a supernatural power.  The slow contemplation of the landscape with barely any dialogue is interspersed with archive material of the glacier which distorts the space-time perception.

A poetic story about a solitary woman and an eternal glacier.


Audrius Stonys is a Lithuanian film director and producer, professor in the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and a member of the European Documentary Network. He studied film directing in Jonas Mekas Film Anthology Archive New York. His films got numerous international film awards. His documentary film “Earth of the Blind” was recognised by European Film Academy as the Best European Documentary Film of the Year and received Felix Award. He has given lectures and master classes all around the world.

Woman and the Glacier | Edition 2017, Festival, Official Section - What the Doc

Woman and the Glacier

Audrius Stonys

Lithuania, Estonia (2016)



Language: Lithuanian, Russian