Time Thieves


There is a new resource everyone wants… Forget water, oil and rare minerals: it is our time. An investigation on how time has become a currency and how we can claim back control over this precious but finite resource.

Who hasn’t experienced having to print out their own boarding passes and checking in their own luggage, or hasn’t spent hours assembling a piece of furniture, saving companies a fortune in labor costs? Have you ever wondered who should be paying for everything we do for free with our time? We travel around the world to find out how time has become a lucrative commodity and how it is consuming both our working and personal lives.  


Cosima Dannoritzer is a documentary filmmaker with a special interest in history, ecology and technology. Her film The Light Bulb Conspiracy (2010) won 12 international festival awards. After that she directed The E-Waste Tragedy (2014), which investigates the international trafficking of electronic waste.



· World Premiere at DocsBarcelona

Time Thieves | Edition 2018, Official Section - Latitude

Time Thieves

Cosima Dannoritzer

Spain, France (2018)



Original language: English, French, Japanese, German, Dutch, Catalan, Spanish


Q&A with the director and a part of the crew at the two sessions.