The Swedish Theory of Love

DOCSBARCELONA/Edition 2016 / Festival / Official Section / The Swedish Theory of Love


The stereotype defines Sweden as a perfect society with a very high quality of life. But is it really a happy country? Is it possible that the most self-sufficient and independent people in the world are unsatisfied? Without the need to ask for help or favours, human contact is reduced to the minimum. There is an increasing number of single mums who have children through artificial insemination. The number of people who die alone is growing year after year. Is it worth assuming isolation and loneliness in order to have a self-sufficient, independent life? Iconoclastic filmmaker Erik Gandini explores the Swedish way of life with a sense of humour, considering how a secure and easy life can turn into an empty and lonely existence.


Erik Gandini was born in Italy in 1967. He is a producer and director, known for Videocracy (2009), Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers (2003) and The Swedish Theory of Love (2015).


Docville – Belgium, 2016

CPH:DOX – Denmark, 2015

Stockholm Film Festival – Sweden, 2015

IDFA – The Netherlands, 2015

The Swedish Theory of Love | Edition 2016, Festival, Official Section

The Swedish Theory of Love

Erik Gandini

Sweden, Norway, Denmark (2016)



Language: English

Executive production: Erik Gandini, Juan Pablo Libossart

Photography: Vania Tegamelli, Carl Nilsson

Edition: Johan Söderberg

Sound: Hans Møller, Kevin Bavnhøj, Brian Dyrby

Production: Fasad Cine AB