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Is it possible for a computer to forecast the world’s economy? Martin Armstrong, a finance adviser who was already a millionaire at 15, designed in the 80s a high-precision forecast model based on the number Pi. His worldwide reputation got him an invitation by New York’s most powerful bankers to join their group to manipulate market trends. Martin always rejected that offer. In the late 90s the FBI broke into his house to seize his computers and accuse him of having ripped off 3,000 million dollars using a pyramidal model. Was that an attempt to threaten him? Did they want to prevent the real pyramidal model on which the world debt has been based on for decades to become public? Armstrong’s predictions have been suggesting for years that on the 1st of October 2015 there will be a debt crisis that will shake the world’s economy.


Marcus Vetter was born in Germany in 1967. He graduated in Economics and Media Theory and Practice.  Since 1994 he has been working as a TV editor, producer and director. He has won several international awards in film festivals around the world. He has directed The Tunnel (1999), My father the Turk (2006), Heart of Jenin (2008) , Hunger (2009), Cinema Jenin (2011) and The Court (2012).


ZagrebDox – Croatia, 2015

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Greece, 2015

Belfast Film Festival – Northen Ireland, 2015

Docville – Belgium, 2015

Transilvania IFF – Rumania, 2015

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The Forecaster

Marcus Vetter

Germany (2014)



Language: English

Executive Producer: Ulli Pfau, Marcus Vetter and Michael Heiks

Photography: Georg Zengerlin

Editing: Marcus Vetter

Sound: Aljoscha Haupt

Music: Sven Kaiser

Production companies: Filmperspektive GmbH

Distributor: Autlook Filmsales