Rebels on Pointe


The story of ‘Les Ballets Trockadero de Montecarlo’, the famous dance company made up only of men assuming both male and female roles. Founded in 1974 in New York, it has become the symbol of transvestism, making parodies of great ballet classics.

Through close access to the company, with unseen archive material and conversations with the protagonists, we discover how a project which started in the Broadway amateur scene has become a world phenomenon. A funny cocktail of high culture and camp aesthetics, which turns the act of putting on a tutu into an act of rebellion.


Bobbi Jo Hart is a Canadian/American documentary filmmaker that has filmed in very diverse countries with subjects ranging from women’s professional soccer and tennis to classical music, comedy, dance and manic depression. Her most popular feature documentary, I am not a rock star, premiered at dozens of worldwide film festivals and received a lot of nominations.

Rebels on Pointe | Edition 2017, Festival, Special Sessions

Rebels on Pointe

Bobbi Jo Hart

Canada (2016)



Language: English