Petitet is a Catalan gypsy pursuing a dream. Former musician and son of one of the “palmeros” (hand-clapping performers) of the mythical Peret, he suffers from a rare chronic disease that causes acute muscle weakness. In his fifties, he wants to fulfil the promise he made to his mother before she died: to take Catalan rumba to the stage of a great theatre. The dream begins to come true when a band of gypsy musicians (talented but undisciplined) gather together to try and play alongside a great symphony orchestra at the Gran Teatre del Liceu!

Petitet is aware that in order to fulfill his promise, he will have to overcome many obstacles: with limited economic resources, he will need to do little jobs, such as buying and selling scrap metal. He doesn’t have any relevant contacts in the institutions, being not easy for him to gain access to the musicians from large symphonic orchestras. Despite all the obstacles and diminished abilities due to his illness, he realizes that there are many (gypsies and non-Roma) who have already decided to remain loyal to him and make his dream come true.


Carles Bosch, co-founder of the legendary TVC program ’30 minutes’ in 1984, has directed reportage and documentaries on some of the most significant international events, such as the First Gulf War, the conflict in Bosnia and Kosovo, the Zapatista Revolution, and he has also covered news stories for TV3 News in Afghanistan, Iran, Chad, the Philippines, Mozambique, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, the USA, Haiti, Nicaragua, Israel and in several European countries. He has also directed the 5-part documentary series Historias del Caribe, filmed in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Dominica and Haiti, which was broadcasted in 1992. In 2002 he directed his first documentary film, Balseros, which received some of the most important international awards (among them the Peabody Award in 2004), and was nominated for an OSCAR® for Best Documentary Film in 2003. In 2006 he directed his second feature film, Setembres, awarded at the festivals of Málaga, Miami and IDFA. He is also the director and writer of the documentary film Bicicleta, cullera, poma (2010), winner of the Goya award and the Gaudí award, co-produced by TVC and Cromosoma S.A.


  • World Premiere at DocsBarcelona


Carles Bosch

Spain (2018)



Language: Catalan


Q&A with the director at the end of each session.


The screening of Petitet on Wednesday May 16th is part of the festival’s opening ceremony.