Los Ofendidos


During the civil war in El Salvador, thousands of people were tortured by the Policia Nacional. Amongst them, Rubén Zamora, leader of the Revolutionary Democratic Front during the war, political exile and the filmmaker’s father. Today, the traumas of the repression have been silenced by oblivion.

The strength of the director Marcela Zamora to talk face to face with the torture victims and the executors allows us to learn about a dark episode in the history of El Salvador. Through shocking testimonies, we explore the relationship between memory and impunity.


Marcela Zamora was born in Nicaragua in 1980. She graduated as a Documentary Filmmaker at the Film School of San Antonio de los Baños, in Cuba. Her work is focused on gender and human rights issues; she has made 5 feature films and 10 short documentary films screened throughout America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Los Ofendidos

Marcela Zamora Chamorro

El Salvador, Mexico (2017)



Language: Spanish