Jonas and the Backyard Circus

DOCSBARCELONA/Edition 2016 / Festival / Official Section / Jonas and the Backyard Circus


Jonas is 13 and dreams of keeping the circus he built at in the backyard alive. He practices acrobatics and clowning with his friends in front of an enthusiastic audience of neighbourhood kids. Born in a traveling circus, some years ago his family left the circus in search of a more stable future in the city of Salvador, in Brazil’s north-east.  As Jonas gets older, he realizes the difficulties of finding a balance between his passion and school demands. Worried about his future as an artist, he also feels responsible towards the film, since he’s finding it increasingly difficult to look after his circus. Will he keep fighting for his childhood dream as he enters adolescence?


Paula Gomes was born in Brazil in 1979. She studied Documentary in Argentine and today is part of Plano 3 Filmes, where she directs shorts, features films and TV series. Jonas and the Backyard Circus, her first feature documentary, world premiere at IDFA, was awarded the TFI Latin America Media Arts Fund 2014, granted by Tribeca Film Institute.


Reencontres Cinéma De Toulouse (Audience Award) – France, 2016

É Tudo Verdade – Brazil, 2016

IDFA (First Appearance Competition) – The Netherlands, 2015

Jonas and the Backyard Circus | Edition 2016, Festival, Official Section

Jonas and the Backyard Circus

Paula Gomes

Brasil (2015)



Language: Portuguese

Executive production: Marcos Bautista, Haroldo Borges, Ernesto Molinero

Photography: Haroldo Borges

Edition: Andrea Kleinman

Sound: Paquidermo Studio

Production: Plano 3 Filmes