Inside the Chinese Closet

DOCSBARCELONA/Edition 2016 / Festival / Official Section / Inside the Chinese Closet


An intimate portrait of Andy and Cherry’s struggle to fulfil their parents’ expectations in a Chinese society where homosexuality is not accepted. Andy, a successful architect living in Shangai decides to come out of the closet. His father, ashamed and disappointed, demands he marries a woman to preserve the family’s honour. Cherry, married to a homosexual, intends to adopt a child to comply with her mother’s demands to preserve social appearances.

Andy and Cherry’s efforts to achieve a full life at the expense of faking certain cultural stereotypes, reveals a whole value system. Desperate but always looking forward, their courage shows a young and modern China seeking a space for freedom in a society defined by strong traditional values.


Sophia Luvarà was born in Italy. She received her MSc with merit in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Turin, where she also studied for a PhD in Cancer Research, but in 2007 she discontinued her studies and moved to London to follow her passion for documentary filmmaking.


Berlinale – Germany, 2016

Belfast Film Festival – United Kingdom, 2016

HRWFF New York – USA, 2016

IDFA – The Netherlands, 2015

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Inside the Chinese Closet

Sophia Luvarà

The Netherlands (2015)



Language: Chinese, English

Executive production: Boudewijn Koole, Iris Lammertsma

Photography: Ton Peters NSC

Edition: Diego Gutierrez, Stefan Kamp NCE

Sound: Qiao Xin, Mike Hough, Amos Ho, Jia Xia, Eric Zheng

Production: Witfilm