Interactive Screening: En La Brecha

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Collective portrait of inequality in the workplace. We discover through interactive navigation the testimonies of 7 women with jobs that have traditionally been carried out by males ( A longshorewoman, a sound technician, a car mechanic, a football coach, a chef, a surgeon, and the CEO of an electronic sports company are the protagonists of this web documentary.

Their experiences start off an open conversation so that all voices can be heard, giving visibility to the problems that women face in the workplace. An open platform where women can send short videos with their experiences and reflections on the realities they encounter in the day-to-day of their professional practice.


Claudia Reig Valera (Valencia, 1990) has a degree in audiovisual communication from the University of Valencia. Her career as a camera operator, editor and filmmaker has been developed at Barret production company. She was part of the team that made the feature The strategy of silence (2017) about Valencia metro accident, or the TV3 show Cosins germans. En la brecha (In the gap) is her second documentary as a director, after the transmedia project on the Parkinson’s Que tiemble el camino (2016).

Interactive Screening: En La Brecha | Edition 2018, Special Sessions

Interactive Screening: En La Brecha

Claudia Reig Valera

Spain (2018)

Original language: Spanish


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