Particle fever


Imagine the moment in which Edison turned on his first light bulb, or when Franklin received his first electrical discharge. Particle Fever offers the viewers a first row seat to witness the most significant and inspiring scientific discovery of our generation:  the “Large Hadron Collider”, a particle accelerator that allows the recreation of the conditions that were there moments after the Big Bang, and which gives an answer to the universal question: What are we and where do we come from?

10,000 scientists from over 100 countries gather to witness the big moment. But no one said it was going to be easy.

An exciting and humane portrait of an often misunderstood scientific elite.


Before embarking on his film career, Mark earned a doctoral degree in particle physics from the University of California at Berkeley. In the film world, he became a specialist in the postproduction writing and recording of dialogue known as ADR. He has worked closely with such directors as Anthony Minghella, Francis Coppola, Tom Tykwer, Milos Forman and David Fincher. He is the writer/producer/director of the narrative feature film Prisoner of Time, which examined the lives of former Russian dissident artists after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and had an acclaimed premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival.


Sheffield Doc/Fest (Audience Award) –  UK, 2013

New York Film Festival – USA, 2013

Telluride Film Festival – USA, 2013

Chlotrudis Awards – USA, 2015

PGA Awards – USA, 2015

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Particle fever

Mark Levinson

USA (2013)



Language: english, german, italy, french

Executive producer: Thomas Campbell Jackson, Gerry Ohrstrom

Editing: Walter Murch

Sound: Tom Paul

Music: Robert Miller

Production companies: Anthos Media LLC

International sales: Roco Films

Spanish distributor: Parallel40