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What would a film be like if its main character was not human or animal, but an element of nature? Victor Kossakovsky builds an epic journey through the transforming beauty and omnipotent power of water, and reminds us that humans are insignificant in the face of the volatile will of Earth’s most precious element.

From the precarious frosty waters of Baikal Lake in Russia to the devastating Hurricane Irma in Miami, through the spectacular Angel Falls in Venezuela, the liquid element is presented to us in its multiple personalities with surprising cinematographic clarity. Filmed at 96 frames per second, Aquarela does not leave the viewer indifferent, and it offers a deep reflection: this is the planet of water; humans only occupy it and live in it.


Victor Kossakovsky is an innovative documentary filmmaker whose films have been honored with more than 100 awards at national and international festivals. His distinctive filmography ranges widely in subject matter but always explores the interplay between reality and poetic moments. He began his career in motion pictures at the Leningrad Studio of Documentaries as assistant cameraman, assistant director and editor at 1978. He studied screenwriting and directing at Moscow HCSF 1986-1988. In 1989 he directed his first feature Losev and in 1992 his most famous documentary The Belovs, which won both the VPRO Joris Ivens Award and the Audience Award at IDFA and dozens of other awards at international festivals around the world. In 2011, Kossakovsky’s ¡Vivan Las Antipodas! was selected as the opening film of the Venice Film Festival. In many of his films, like Aquarela, Kossakovsky has worked simultaneously as director, editor, cinematographer and writer. He continues to work as a teacher and mentor of aspiring filmmakers and documentary makers globally.


  • Glasgow Film Festival, Scotland, 2019
  • DocPoint Tallinn, Estonia, 2019
  • DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Finland, 2019
  • Sindance Film Festival, USA, 2019


Victor Kossakovsky

United Kingdom, Germmany, Denmark and USA (2018)



Languages: Russian, English, Spanish (practically without dialogues)

15th May: Opening ceremony + screening.

Q&A With Victor Kossakovsky after the screening.



*Q&A in English without translation services