A Good American


At the end of the Cold War, mathematician Bill Binney received an assignment to lead a team at the National Security Agency (NSA) to create a ground-breaking surveillance program. The program -ThinThread would be able to intercept any electronic signal, filter it according to goals and offer results in real time without invading people’s privacy.

The system was perfect; it only had one problem: it was too cheap. Three weeks before the attack on the Twin Towers, the program got cancelled. After 9/11, a policy of massive surveillance of citizens’ private communications started, and Binney left the NSA. His program could have prevented the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. His revelations about the way the most important information agency in the world works, unveil the political and economical web pulling the strings of our society.


Friedrich Moser was born in 1969 in Austria. He holds a university degree in history and German studies from the University of Salzburg. His professional career started as a TV journalist in Bolzano-Bozen. In 2001 he founded the film & TV production company blue+green communication.


Palm Springs IFF (Best of Fest) – USA, 2016

IFF Rotterdam – The Netherlands, 2016

Festival Millenium Bruxelles – Belgium, 2016

CPH:DOX – Denmark, 2015

DOC NYC – USA, 2015

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A Good American

Friedrich Moser

Austria (2015)



Language: English

Executive production: Peter Janecek

Photography: Friedrich Moser

Edition: Jesper Osmund, Kirk von Heflin

Sound: Michael Ploederl

Music: Christopher Slaski,Guy Farley

Production: Blue+green communication

Web: www.blueandgreen.info