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Beirut, la vie en rose (2019)

Èric Motjer Spain 77min. VOSEsp
For the first time we get close to the lives of four members of the Lebanese Christian elite. In one of the world´s most politically unstable countries, the protagonists are a symbol of the former “Switzerland of Middle East”, the last representatives of a golden age they are reluctant to give up.

Ojo Guareña (2018)

Edurne Rubio Belgium, Spain 56min. VOSEng
Many years ago, a group of speleologists, among them the director’s parents, discovered the cave Ojo Guareña. Today, between cave paintings and Civil War secrets, we accompany them to absolute darkness on a journey to the past and the present, where time seems to have stopped.

Lapü (2019)

César Jaimes, Juan Pablo Polanco Colombia 75min. VOSCast, VOSEng
Doris, a young indigenous Wayú woman, dreams she’s reunited with her dead cousin. Following her ancestral culture, this vision marks the beginning of an ancient ritual: she must go to the middle of the Colombian desert of Guajira and exhume her remains. A spiritual journey that blurs Western concepts of loss, time, and eternity.

What Walaa Wants (2018)

Christy Garland Canada, Denmark 86min. VOSCat, VOSEng
Walaa, a teenage girl raised in a refugee camp, decides to become one of the few female police officers of the Palestinian security forces. Resignation is not part of her vocabulary, but it is not easy for a girl to break all the rules.

Tiny Souls (2019)

Dina Naser Jordan, Qatar, France and Lebanon 85min. VOSCat, VOSEng
Little Marwa lives in a refugee camp since she fled Syria with her family. Dina Naser’s attentive eye follows the daily life of Marwa, a lively and open spirit who does not understand walls or bars. Going from childhood to adulthood will lead to new challenges to survive in an environment where, in spite of everything, life goes on.

The Ancient Woods (2017)

Mindaugas Survila Lithuania, Estonia, Germany 86min. Without dialogues
What happens when you observe a millennial forest for years? An incomparable film, without dialogues or voice over, which shows nature as we have never seen it before. The beauty of the images, along with exceptional sound work, immerses us in a state of intense meditation; time is undone, there is no information, only unfiltered emotion.

Soles Negros (2018)

Julien Elie Canada 154min. VOSCast, VOSEng
For too long, insecurity and fear have dominated Mexico. Victims and witnesses powerlessly observe the destruction of a country facing criminal impunity. In many regions, threats and terror make anyone a potential victim of a violence that seems endemic.

Putin’s Witnesses (2018)

Vitaly Mansky Latvia, Switzerland, Czech Republic 102min. VOSCat, VOSEng
On December 31st 1999, Russia was acquainted with its new and current president, Vladimir Putin. Through personal archive material and unique witnesses very close to one of today’s most controversial political leaders, Vitaly Mansky reveals the true causes and consequences of the Operation Successor, the political plot that put Putin in power.

Push (2019)

Fredrik Gertten Sweden, Canada 92min. VOSCat, VOSEng
Why can’t we afford to live in our own cities? The high cost of housing and global investment funds push people to poverty, stripping them of a fundamental right. Activist Leilani Farha’s determination to report this situation reveals the perversity behind speculation. It is time to recognize that this is not a natural and inevitable development. It can change.

Nijole (2018)

Sandro Bozzolo Lithuania, Italy 80min. VOSEsp, VOSEng
Art and politics, Lithuania and Latin America, irreverent mother and activist son. The one-of-a-kind trajectory of Antanas Mockus, a former candidate for the presidency of Colombia, would have been impossible without the visionary advice of his mother, the nonagenarian artist Nijole Sivicka. Together they embark on an intimate journey of mutual discovery and give us a vital lesson full of courage and vulnerability.