» Edition 2019

El Pepe, una vida suprema (2018)

Emir Kusturica Argentina, Uruguay 73min. VOSEng
Still proud of his past as a political and activist (which earned him 12 years in prison), 'El Pepe', former president of Uruguay, presents himself as a iconoclastic global leader who still dares to dream of a better world.

Beirut, la vie en rose (2019)

Èric Motjer Spain 77min. VOSEsp
For the first time we get close to the lives of four members of the Lebanese Christian elite. In one of the world´s most politically unstable countries, the protagonists are a symbol of the former “Switzerland of Middle East”, the last representatives of a golden age they are reluctant to give up.

Negre de merda (2018)

Manel Serrat Spain 20min. VOSEng
Daura is a young immigrant, fruit of two cultures, two ways of understanding the world and experiencing religion. A series of bad decisions led him to prison.

Hasta que la violencia nos separe (2018)

María Manuela Sarmiento Colombia 16min. VOSEng
El jutge Rodrigo Bastidas Sánchez va ser assassinat als carrers de Bogotà davant del seu fill, un crim que mai va ser investigat fins ara, 37 anys després. Judge Rodrigo Bastidas Sánchez was murdered in the streets of Bogotá in front of his son, a crime that has never been investigated until now, 37 years later.

Fràgil (2018)

Bàrbara Prohens Spain 5min. VOSEsp
The honest and intimate reflection of a girl, who suffered an eating disorder, shows that having someone to you listen to you and support you can be the best treatment.

Desde una cicatriz (2018)

Uma Ferrer, Judit Guasch, Lucía Garcia, Blanca Gutiérrez Spain 14min. No subtitles
“Brave, strong and loyal to myself”. This is how Teresa defines herself after suffering a car accident that almost took her life. Two years later, she continues to struggle to overcome the physical and psychological scars that it caused.

Ojo Guareña (2018)

Edurne Rubio Belgium, Spain 56min. VOSEng
Many years ago, a group of speleologists, among them the director’s parents, discovered the cave Ojo Guareña. Today, between cave paintings and Civil War secrets, we accompany them to absolute darkness on a journey to the past and the present, where time seems to have stopped.

Lapü (2019)

César Jaimes, Juan Pablo Polanco Colombia 75min. VOSCast, VOSEng
Doris, a young indigenous Wayú woman, dreams she’s reunited with her dead cousin. Following her ancestral culture, this vision marks the beginning of an ancient ritual: she must go to the middle of the Colombian desert of Guajira and exhume her remains. A spiritual journey that blurs Western concepts of loss, time, and eternity.

What Walaa Wants (2018)

Christy Garland Canada, Denmark 86min. VOSCat, VOSEng
Walaa, a teenage girl raised in a refugee camp, decides to become one of the few female police officers of the Palestinian security forces. Resignation is not part of her vocabulary, but it is not easy for a girl to break all the rules.