DOCSBARCELONA, around the world in 25 filmmakers

Meet the filmmakers who will be visiting us this DOCSBARCELONA 2019 edition!

This year DocsBarcelona is pleased to host 25 directors of the best documentary films in the world which will be screened at this festival’s 22nd edition!


Of all the filmmakers who will visit us, 50% will be women such as the Arab documentalists, Dina Naser, director of Tiny Souls and Dalia Al-kury, director of What Walaa Wants or the local, Laura Álvarez, director of City for Sale. Some of them will be accompanied by the protagonists of their films while others will even participate in Master Classes in order to talk in more detail about their cinematographic careers, the process of creating their latest works, sharing the key elements for a successful collaboration, and much more.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to ask Avec un sourire‘s creator, Alexandre Chartrand, what is his vision of the political situation in Catalonia, or attending a Master Class with Victor Kossakovsky, where he will be talking about his last work, Aquarela, and reflect on his experience and his conception of the genre, with his usual mix of reality and poetry. Neither should you miss Marlén Viñayo, talking about her projection Cachada, a film that comes after a wide experience including jobs as a producer of several documentaries for the American chain PBS and the direction of several short-films, nor the opportunity to ask Lina Botero, how was her experience producing Botero, as daughter of the protagonist, the artist Fernando Botero. All of them and more, will be at the DocsBarcelona festival, and you have the chance to meet them all!




Save the dates from the 15th to the 25th of May!

See you at DocsBarcelona 2019

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