DocsBarcelona will premiere Avec un sourire, la révolution!, the Canadian documentary about October 1st

Avec un sourire, la révolution!, the first international production on the proces of Catalonia, brings viewers to the frontlines of the struggle, amidst Catalan leaders and grassroots activists who face growing repression with a smile. 


DocsBarcelona will celebrate the Spanish Premiere of the film. The Quebec director Alexandre Chartrand, author of the documentary on 9-N Le peuple interdit, will visit the festival to present, in a special session, this portrait of the first line of struggle during the events of September and October 2017. His camera captured the brutality of the police actions and collects the testimony of grassroots activists and anonymous protagonists. In parallel, he interviews political leaders such as Carles Puigdemont, Mireia Boya, Sergi López, Jordi Cuixart, Quim Arrufat and Lluís Llach. The documentary, baptized with the title of one of his songs, shows how the growing repression is fought with an unbeatable smile in Catalonia.




Avec un sourire, la révolution! Quebec. 2018. 87’

What happened on October 1 in Catalonia? An external vision of the self-determination process brings us closer to the first line of struggle. Grassroots activists, anonymous protagonists, Catalan leaders, spontaneous mobilizations and police actions are the witnesses of a cinematographic portrait that shows us how repression can be fought with a smile.




Alexandre Chartrand, el director

Alexandre Chartrand (Canada, 1977), after a few years devoted to the editing of documentary films, directs his first documentary in 2016 Forbidden Peoplee, which takes us to the autumn of 2014, when the Catalan leader, Artur Mas, leading the nationalist movement in Catalonia, began what would be a large-scale consultation to commit all citizens to express their demands in Madrid. Fascinated by Catalan culture, he has made it his favorite subject, dedicating his following documentary to the referendum on self-determination in Catalonia, Avec un sourire, la revolution!, 2018. 



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