Programme announcement! DocsBarcelona 2018 will open with Petitet, by Carles Bosch

DocsBarcelona will open its 21st edition on 16th May with the premiere of Petitet, by Carles Bosch



Spain, 2018. Dir. Carles Bosch

The film follows the gypsy musician Joan Ximénez Petitet, son of one of the palmeros of Peret, in his journey to take the Catalan rumba to the stages of a great theater.



The new documentary by Carles Bosch, written by himself together with David Vidal and produced by Lastor Media, explains the pursuit of a dream by the musician Joan Ximénez Petitet, who promises his mother, before dying, that he will take the Catalan rumba to the stage of a great theater. Despite all the difficulties, together with the rare disease he suffers, the promise begins to take shape when he manages to reunite a band of gypsy musicians (great but undisciplined) to try to play next to a great symphonic orchestra in the Gran Teatro del Liceu.



The director, Carles Bosch

Carles Bosch is a longtime journalist and director of documentary films that has received countless national and international awards; Oscar nominee (2003) for the film Balseros, winner of the Gaudí and Goya awards in 2010 for Bicicleta, cullera, poma and awarded with the National Prize of Culture, the Peabody Award or the Ondas Prize. As a television reporter, he has covered international events producing reports and documentaries over more than 30 countries, being also one of the co-founders of the TV3 program 30 minuts. Now he returns to the big screen with Petitet, that, despite speaking of a sick musician, is not, in the director’s words, “neither a hospital documentary nor a musical. It is the unequal struggle of a dreamer against all circumstances.”



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