Diego Mas Trelles joins DocsBarceona Team as Head of Industry

He has worked as director of corporative and advertising videos, video clips, TV programs and documentaries, among other formats, for television such as ARTE, TVE, TV3, Canal+, FR3, ZDF, USA Networks and Calle 13. His last documentary, “Sexo, Maracas y Chihuahuas”, has been exhibited in numerous international festivals and nominated for the Gaudí Awards.

Concurrently, he has been director and host of the TV show Documenta 2 in TVE, adviser of the network ARTE in TVE and audiovisual consultant for the Multimedia Dictionary of Contemporary Art of Centre Pompidou; associated producer and director of production; executive producer, scriptwriter, curator of documentary screenings and coordinator of conferences and publications; in addition of participating in audiovisual markets, conferences and imparting courses in numerous universities; he was president of DocusMadrid (association for the promotion of the documentary) and member of the Platform of Spanish Cinema and the Spanish Coalition for Cultural Diversity.


What has been the motivation in order to accept the challenge to direct the Industry Area of DocsBarcelona?

New challenges are stimulating, as well as discovering and announcing new projects, relating different actors in order to favour its production.

How do you think your previous experiences as a director, producer and programmer is going to affect in the future professional activities of DocsBarcelona?

I have attend to numerous markets and festivals working as different roles, for what I think I can have a good vision as a whole. It’s not hard for me to understand the necessities and wishes sometimes opposed of every of those ways of work but that at the end works with common objectives. I believe you learn from other friends and profession colleague’s experiences in spite of living in different cities, counting with disparate means or diverse languages. You always need to be permeable, and searching for new collaboration ways.

You take the challenge to drive the Industry Area in a very critical moment in terms of funding sources stability  for documentaries. How do you think markets as DocsBarcelona can help to nuance this precariousness?

Funding sources for documentaries at local and international levels have never been so stable nor solid as it could have been desirable. You can talk about periods of more support or prosperity in a region or country, but the situation has always been and will be changeable. Markets such DocsBarcelona helps projects and directors to be known, reinforcing the existing local reality, increasing its range ratio, creating connections and promoting international co-productions as well as the circulation and broadcasting of the participant documentaries.


What goals do you plan to accomplish in short, medium and large term for the Industry Area of DocsBarcelona?

In short term, I want to integrate myself in a fantastic team, which counts with proved experience. Obviously to bring continuity to the prestigious career of DocsBarcelona and to consolidate the already stablished relationships with sales agents, producers, commissioning editors, funds and institutions. To promote equality and equity in terms of gender in the project selection as well as in all fields of action. To pay attention to the documentary serial formats that promote the new content distribution platforms. Strengthen ties with Europe without losing sight of Latin America.

In the medium term, establish new ways to present projects in their different stages of development. Strengthen online activities. Pay attention to the emergence of new immersive and interactive formats.

In the long term, I would like DocsBarcelona to be the most important meeting point and market in Southern Europe.


And to know him a little bit better…


You are Argentine-French: Asado or Magret de canard? Both but in different days.

And you live in Madrid: tango or chotis? The tango, it is more melancholic, brings back memories; although I was brought up under the influence of seventies rock and as everything I am eclectic: acid jazz, latin jazz, contemporary music (addicted to the ECM label), techno.

What character is missing a documentary? To Lola Flores, or to Joris Ivens, and above all to many people who, without being famous, have stories that are worth telling.

What would you say to someone who has never seen a documentary? That begins already because every day there are more possibilities of seeing a very good one, and that many have been lost but there is a possibility of catching up with a few.

What is your main documentary? Impossible to choose only one, the list of my favourites would be quite long. The same for fiction films or books.

With what professional of the documentary sector would you go to dinner? With somebody that I haven’t meet yet.

Finally, one of your grandparents was Catalan: mate, champagne or cava? I’m not fond of mate, 🙂 and he … sometimes had breakfast with a glass of grappa. Champagne or cava can be drunk not only for toasts.


Welcome to the Team, Diego!

07/02/2018 Industry