3 projects have been selected to participate in the Latin Pitch 2016

In partnership with 3 documentary film festivals in Latin America: DocsDF (Mexico), DocsBarcelona+Medellín (Colombia) and SurDocs (Chile), 3 projects have been selected to participate in the Latin Pitch 2016.

The Latin Pitch  will consist in the presentation of 6 projects of Latin America in front of a selection of financers, especially interested in the projects of these countries, and accredited professionals from DocsBarcelona.

3 out of the 6 documentary projects will be selected from the call for entries for projects that will open soon. The remaining 3 have been selected from the diferent partnerships with the documentary film festivals of Latin America DocsDF (Mexico), DocsBarcelona+Medellín (Colombia) and SurDocs (Chile).

The selected projects are:


Away from meaning

Director: Olivia Luengas Magaña

Producer: Odín Acosta Ascencio




El lanzador de redes

Director: Jonathan Ceballos




The story of my name

Director: Karin Cuyul

Producers: Karin Cuyul, Dominga Sotomayor



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21/01/2016 Edition 2016, Latin Pitch